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Simplify your online identity

TrueHandle simplifies your online identity by bringing ownership to your handle and unification to your scattered online presence!


1. Own your handle

It all starts with owning your perfect handle.

After all, that's the core of who we are! A single name to go by and be known as on the entire web. To share and build your online identity upon.

Registered on the blockchain and guaranteed to be unique, your handle is dropped in your wallet for ultimate security and eternal ownership.

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2. Unify your online presence

We know you are so much more than just a handle, you are a legend here, an influencer there, a brand to your communit and a collector of digital beauties!

So unify your online presence and bring it all together in your personal hub!

Upload your PFP, write your bio, add your links, and showcase those sweet sweet collectibles you're so proud of!

3. Share your shortlink

This is not just a handle and hub, it's the core of your digital self, tying everything you are online together.

One handle, one hub, one unique shortlink to share everywhere and bring all your followers together.

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What about privacy?

We've got you covered!

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    We don't collect any personal data.

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    A truehandle is completely anonymous by design. The rest is up to you.

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    Need some extra privacy? Get yourself a second or third handle!

And the planet?

By choosing TrueHandle & Polygon, together, we do not only support the use of the eco-friendlier PoS for securing your data but support a network that is working on becoming the first blockchain to be climate positive!


What's your handle?