Own your handle,

Yesterday you had a hundred profiles, usernames and passwords.

Today you replace them all with one TrueHandle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    No, it's not just an NFT.

    This is your digital identity, your true handle, the name everybody know you by.
    One hub that brings all your profiles and digital assets together.

    How does it work?

    1. Own your handle

    Today you're renting your handles on all the services you use and for that reason they can be taken away from you without notice.

    By owning a TrueHandle this all changes and you become the sole owner of your handle, protected by the immutable nature of the blockchain.

    No expiration date, no renewal fees.

    Yours forever.

    profile picture

    2. Build your profile

    Owning your TrueHandle means you can finally start building a single digital profile to bring with you everywhere.

    Think of it like the hub of your online identity where all your digital self comes together.

    Imagine it, build it, care for it, share it, this is who you are.

    Trying out a new platform?
    Add it to your profile and your followers will be notified.

    Changed your profile picture?
    Poof... it changed everywhere! Whaat? Mindblown.

    Got some sweet collectibles?
    Showcase them to the world!

    true profile

    3. Log in seamlessly

    One button, one click.

    It's truly that simple.

    We have created the fastest and most seamless login button to date.

    Using log in with truehandle, platforms will know to use your public trueprofile to setup your account for you. Never again will you have to search for an available username, upload a profile picture or re-write your bio for the 100th time, it all works automagically.

    Let us do the heavy lifting, you just press on that button and forget it ever worked differently.

    1 click login

    4. Go password-less

    Yes, you read it right.

    As long as your TrueHandle is in your wallet, you will never have to create, forget or even think about passwords ever again.

    That is the beauty of ownership; if you can show us it's yours then why would we need a password?

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    Psst... what about privacy?

    We've got you covered!

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      We don't collect any personal data.

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      A TrueHandle is completely anonymous by design. The rest is up to you.

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      And why not getting yourself a second or third handle? You know, for your other usages.

    And the planet?

    In the Web3 and blockchain space, we often read about the impact our technologies have on the planet.

    Here at TrueHandle we are convinced it is possible to innovate without having a negative impact on the environment around us.

    By choosing Polygon as the blockchain to run our smart contracts on, we made the decision not only to support the use of the eco-friendlier PoS for securing your data but to support a network that is working hard on becoming the first blockchain to be climate positive!

    Going carbon-negative in 2022, and climate positive beyond that. #PolygonGoesGreen

    Welcome to the future.